Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hold the Bus! Vegas in February?

I've just found out that I may be forced to go to Vegas Feb. 6-8 for a business meeting at the MGM Grand. This development could significantly alter my bankroll allocation plans, as I likely will look to free up some offline funds to play in live games when I'm there.

My preliminary thinking would be to hit MGM's nightly $100+$25 tournament on Feb. 6 or Feb. 7, and fill in the rest of my time at the $2-$4 limit and/or $200 max NLHE tables there. If I have any success or feel the urge to just drink and play donkey poker, a return the the Excalibur might be in order at some point too.

Anyone with other suggestions for my itinerary or who may wish to join the fun is free to get in touch with me through my comments or via email.

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