Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Shameless Pimpage

I learn a lot from a number of the poker blogs that I read. There are some tremendously smart people out there who provide great insights into how to improve your game. But sometimes I appreciate even more those bloggers who share experiences that are similar to mine, providing me with hope and a better sense of reality. Recent posts by Dugglebogey and Joe Speaker are perfect examples of this.

Dugglebogey reflects on how his belief that he can outplay the horrible donkeys he faces in SNGs and MTTs winds up leading to a lack of success in these events. I can empathize with that completely. As noted below, I start playing marginal hands against terrible players and almost invariably get the crap kicked out of me as a result. For me as well it’s largely a matter of ego, but also sometimes a matter of impatience. I get bored with folding hand after hand, only to watch horrible opponents take down a pot with middle pair when I would have flopped a straight. Fighting the boredom by trying to get cute is usually death, however.

Joe Speaker notes that he plays better against better opponents. To me, this is common sense. Against better opponents I am more focused. Against better opponents I can have a reasonable expectation that they will respond appropriately to the plays I make. I played better ping pong as a kid against better ping pong players, but I was never a great ping pong player. Today I play better poker against better opponents, but I am far from a great poker player.

And, finally, even some of the random shit I come up with finds like minds among the bloggers. Yesterday I finished my post with a John Bender quote from “The Breakfast Club” and today Drizztdj posts this related item.

I certainly can’t claim to be a mainstream member of the poker blogger community, but I’m pleased that one or two bloggers have now posted links to the Pile (OK, only after I asked them to. And two bloggers actually have posted comments at this worthless site. Thanks to SirFWALGman for being the first non-spam contributor to my comments. And I am humbled to have had the Blogfather himself acknowledge--if only in a small way--my existence.

Log on to Pokerroom tonight (and maybe even late tomorrow night) to have the opportunity to take my money from me.

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