Sunday, November 20, 2005

One of Those Nights

Did you ever have one of “those” nights? I’m sure you have.

When the flop came 98x and you were short stacked with A8o, but the big stack had A9o?

When the flop came Kxx and you had KJo, but your opponent had KQo?

You had JJ and bet hard into a ragged flop, turn and river, only to run into QQ?

When you get the suckouts when it doesn’t matter, and get sucked out on when it does?

Let’s live blog this latest table, an ill-advised $50 SNG on Pokerroom:

First hand, one limper ahead of me and I limp with 66 in MP; SB calls and BB checks. Flop Q89 rainbow. I bet slightly less than the pot and get one caller. Turn is a 6 and I lead for $200, not liking the straight possibilities. Opponent folds and I’m the table chip leader.

Q5o (no heart) in the BB and I check to two limpers. Flop is 288 with two hearts and I bet out $50 and get one caller. Turn is the Ah and my $100 bet is raised to $200, which I call. River is another heart and I give up, checking. Opponent bets $400 and I fold.

Blinds at $15/$30. I get AJo in the BB and raise to $120 after the UTG, the button and the SB call. UTG calls, and the button and SB fold. Flop is AsQd6s and I have the Js. The software fucks me up and I wind up min betting $30, instead of betting $250 as planned. Turn is the Qh and I bet $300 and get called, which makes me nervous. River is a J, which pleases me no end and I bet $500. Opponent calls me and shows AKo, giving him the pot with his kicker as my pair of Jacks is counterfeited and I’m down to $870.

Blinds take me down to $855 and I find AKo in MP. Raise 3x the BB to $150 and get one caller. Flop comes J44 and I bet $300. Caller folds. Yee ha.

Blinded down to $980 giving me an M of just over 6. Still 9 players at the table and I’m the short stack.

A3d UTG and I push. Everybody folds and I take the blinds.

J5o in the BB and I fold to a raise from the button and a call from the SB.

Q5s in the SB and I call a raise to $200. Flop is Q33 and I push. Button calls with AQo and IGHN.

One of those nights.

Other than the obvious donkey play with the counterfeited Jacks, any major problems there?

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